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Poppy had a dicky tummy a couple of weeks ago and the vets advised her to go on to JWB. I did so, but she's not particularly thrilled with the Turkey and Rice kibble. Instead of the 390g they advise, I'm struggling to get half of that down her. Can I change flavours (ie to Lamb & Rice, or Salmon & Rice) without it affecting her tummy or would it need to be a gradual process?

The vet nurse yesterday said to keep her on the same stuff but I don't like seeing her look so disappointed with what I'm giving her! She walks off and appears to eat the bare minimum.

She is 14 weeks and weighs 10.4kg. She looks good, coat is good, feel the ribs not see them, so no problems there. Am I fussing unnecessarily? She always used to love the Chudleys but is not at all bothered now.

Should I try something different? I have a free sample of Skinners which arrived today.

Please advise!!!

When I fed JWB, the one I had most trouble getting my Lurcher to eat was the Turkey one. She was never a fussy dog but it seemed like there was no nice meaty smell with the Turkey one to get the taste buds going.

If you do change over, you'll have to do it gradually again. I found the one with the best smell is the Lamb and Vegetable variety, as it smells just like Shepherds Pie when it has hot water sloshed over it and my Lurcher loved this one. I did use all the other flavours but after that first bag, I didn't bother with the Turkey one again.
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