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Ruby has a pretty good recall, never have any trouble with her coming back "come here" does the trick.

I decided after our holiday on the beach and me nearly loosing my voice trying to be herd over the wind and the waves to invest in a whistle and train her to come back to 3 short pips.

Is there anything i should know about?

I have literally just been out and got a small bag of training treats and a whistle.

I just spent 5 min in the garden with her, calling her and blowing whistle 3 times and when she came back giving her a treat or some fuss. Now I'm letting her wander round the house and occasionally giving 3 pips and she comes running ( and gets lots of fuss) so she seems to have got the message.

Going to try it out on our walk later.

Seems to be going well, but is using the whistle likely to ruin her verbal "come here" command? or is it ok to have both?

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its fine to have both.

Don't be surprised if she sometimes blanks the whistle to start off with. As you up the ante as it were she might decide that what you have to offer isn't as good as the alternative! Don't blow the whistle if you think she might ignore and can't enforce it either.... espescially in the begining.

Sounds though like you are on the right lines! :)

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Cool thanks!

When we go out later i think ill call her and reinforced with the 3x pip then, or 3x pip and reinforced with a "come here" for now then :)

Shes a smart little woof.
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