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Due to a combination of factors I've neglected to get Lola spayed 3 months after her first season.

She started mid March and finished Mid April and she's now just over a year old.

I rang a new vet that had been recommended and they told me it was too late and to wait until the 2nd season had passed.

Called the usual vet who said they would spay her but only within the next week or so.

So, should I wait until after 2nd season or get it done quick ? Any advice welcome !

Another season isn't necessarily a problem, in fact she might have calmed down a bit after that as she's a bit of a live wire at the moment !

If the vet is happy to spay her and you really want her done now, then I'd go with it.

Vets seem to have differing guidelines when it comes to spaying anyway. I mean my one will spay 12 weeks from the beginning of the season but with others it's 12 weeks from the END.

I think they try to aim for that middle period when the blood vessels are at their smallest but unless the dog has had at least two seasons, you never really know when the "Middle" is, as some cycle every 5 months and others every 12.....So 6 months is taken as a sort of "common" average cycle but by no means do all bitches stick to this.
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