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Hi there
I am looking for a bit of advice on what to feed my golden lab puppy. I had her on Beta puppy for large breed (this is what breeder had her on) but I don't particularly like this and have read a lot of bad reviews. At the moment she is on boiled chicken and rice because of a bout of diorhea. I would like a really good quality food I can wean her onto when she comes off the chicken and rice. Any advice would be great Thank you!!

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Hi and welcome, firstly have a read of this

Secondly, there are always going to be people saying that some brands of food are good and others saying they arn't, stick with what the breeder suggested for a little while longer, especially as she is still settling in, there is plenty of time to swap over later.

I have fed mine pretty much every brand of dried food on the market over the years from Chappie to Orijen, Burns and everything in between including Beta Large breed puppy. Kibble is kibble its what suits your pocket.

Beta sits somewhere in the middle when it comes to quality of ingredients.

There are different types of foods;

Dried complete
Wet, tinned

I have 1 dog on RAW another on RAW one meal and tinned &kibble another and my other dog on tinned & kibble only.

All of them are a good weight not over or under, healthy skin, teeth and body.

My dog that is on RAW only came to me with skin allergies, chronic diarrhoea and behaviour issues, since switching to RAW only these are not a problem anymore.

You will have so many differing answers to your question ;)
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