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I'm very interested in what daily routines other people have their pups on. Obviously no day is exactly the same but as I start preparing to go back to work :( I want to get sweet Sunny on a more fixed routine.

We are v new to puppy world so would love an insight into the daily lives of other puppys - when is a good time to feed them for example?
and while I have realised that they are only allowed short walks on the lead how much other exercise do they have etc etc

Any insights into the daily lives of other beautiful puppys much appreciated :)

I don't really have much of a routine, each day is different.

Take today....

Pickle (nearly 11 weeks) wakes up at 5.50am, has a pee and poo and then goes back to sleep after a brief hooly about.

6.30am brekkie followed by more playing, then asleep at 7.30 while I have a shower.

8am Up again, pootling about, digging a hole in my lawn (naughty pup :lol: ), follow me around, "helping" me put the washing on and mopping the floor, then back to sleep.

9.30am Awake again...more pootling about, playing with her toys.

Now (10.20) just off out for a short walk with her for some socialisation.

When we get back, she'll have another meal and a long sleep, while I take the other two dogs out for a long walk.

After that it's be much of the same...Pootling, playing, dozing, eating....all the while peppered with peeing and pooing in the garden.

I'll fit in a 10 min clicker training session with her this afternoon at some point....but other than that it'll be a fairly quiet day today.

Yesterday she came with me to my sisters farm, so we were out for several hours, with her playing with the other dogs, having a little explore round the farm, meeting the other animals. We did some training there, without the clicker (I'd forgotten it), just basic Waits, Sits and a tiny bit of off lead Heelwork. She also dozed several times alongside the other dogs (mine and my sisters).

Mealtimes are about the only fairly routine thing which at the moment are at roughly 6.30, 10.30, 2.30 (although I usually use this portion of food for the Clicker work) and 6.30pm but sometimes she will oversleep through a feed, or if we are out then it'll be a bit later.

Pickle is a middling sort of pup. I've had some which had to be On the Go all day and others which have slept nearly all day, whereas she seems to do half and half and she just fits her naps in around whatever I'm doing.

As for the amount of exercise, I really couldn't say. I'm sensible with her walks but other than that she is free to mooch around as she pleases and some days she does a lot of mooching and others she doesn't. I leave that up to her. She does get a good game morning and evening with my other dogs but I watch her carefully and any signs of her getting irritable (tired) then I call a stop but she can happily be playing with them for 30 mins or more, although most of that isn't running about but rolling around, playing Jaw Wrestling or Tug.

I did a "Day in the Life of...." for my last Guide Dog pup Una, which is here is you fancy a light hearted read.

Right off out now with Pickle and 2nd Brekkie is going to be late AGAIN. :lol:

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Most of our days follow the same sort of routine (I'm a creature of habit :D ):

Truffle (17 weeks) gets up (or is woken up by our small boy!) at 7am, wee and poo.
Then breakfast about 7.30-8am, followed by some training and mooching around until walkies to the park around 9am. After that he'll sleep for a few hours, and then we do a bit more training and gently playing. Then he'll snooze while we eat lunch (shut in crate otherwise his nose keep appering on our plates :roll: ).
His lunch is about 1-2pm, and then we do a little bit more playing and training before he has another snooze and mooches around until our dinner time (in crate again).
Then he eats about 7-7.30pm, and has another walk around the block about 8pm so he'll settle while we're watching TV :D :D :D (that's the idea anyway). Then out about 10pm for last wee and poo before bedtime.

We leave the kitchen door open most of the time so he can just wander in and out as he pleases for wees and poos, because we can keep him off the main garden and just give access to the concrete area that he uses as a toilet.

If I'm going out I try to make sure he's tired before we go (either go out after a walk or take him into the garden for 10 minutes playing football (or more usually 'get off the garden' training)) so he doesn't miss us too much (I think he's glad of the peace and quiet when we're out really :D ).

He seems quite laid back most of the time, and isn't demanding us to play with him much, which is exactly what I like.

Cat and Truffe

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Bailey will be 12 weeks on Friday - His routine is approx as follows-

Bedtime is about 11pm.
Up at 6am to have a wee & poo
Up again at 7.30am, wee & then breakfast. Lunch is at 12pm, tea at 5pm & supper at 9pm.
However from Friday we are going to be on 3 meals, so it'll be 7.30am, 1pm & 6.30pm.

This morning I went to the yard at 8.30am & rode both horses. Bailey came with me & was in one of the stables & mainly slept, but also had a play in the woodchips :lol:

Then I took him for a 15 min walk around the fields, off lead. However he doesn't go v far from me yet :lol:

He's now sleeping in his crate, although the door is open, so that's his choice. :D

This afternoon I'm doing things around the house, so he'll prob be with me or sleeping, & then he'll have an late afternoon walk round the village.

Evenings depend on what I'm doing. Tonight will be crashing out in front of the telly. Last night was dog training & monday night we were both invited around to a friends for dinner. I think Bailey had the invite...... I was just there to transport him :lol:

The only things I really have as routine is mealtimes & that he'll have 2 15mins walks & one short training session each day.

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Hi Bettany

I have major guilt trips over the fact that I work full time, but I thought I would post seeing as you mention that you are due to return soon...(you don't mention P/t or F/t

One thing for sure, the Bug seems happy as Larry and always has been...

I was lucky enough to be able to work at home for the first month or so after his arrival (Jan 09), but once Springtime arrives, work goes slightly manic for me, so return to the office.

He always wakes up when our (quiet) alarm goes off around 5.45, but as he gets older, is getting better at the whimpering!

We go for a morning walk, mostly off lead for about 30 mins or so, followed by breakfast..

Until he was 6 months old, after leaving around 8ish - I would go home for 35 mins or so about 1130, (pee, poo and lunch) and then OH would come home too, (about 2.30ish) but getting only around 8mins in house (enough time for pee if necc)...

Now that he is almost 9 months, only I go home every lunchtime (unless I'm travelling in which case OH, or dog walker pops in) (no lunch nowadays - just bfast and dinner)

OH gets in 5ish, and me 6ish - and we go for a play/train/fuss walk in the Park

Dinner @ sometime after we get back.....

Generally, he will now spread out on the sofa, on the lookout for hugs and playtime...and a bit of cat tormenting - (who is fab at the right hooker)

Quick wee in yard before bed....

I'm pretty sure he is happy sleeping all day (in his crate) - but having said that, at weekends he doesn't sleep at all in the day - generally is involved in anything that we do....

This isn't the perfect scenario - I wish that he could spend more time with us during the day (and do beat self up). It took a good 2 years to convince OH that we could work it - and no doubt, Beetlebug has brought such a lot to our family (we swell by OH's 2 boys every weekend)....

Having said that, I don't think he worries too much about it (certainly no outward signs)......

Good luck with your return


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Gillie gets woken up by me at 6.30am.
Out for wee then breakfast
Comes into our room and sleeps on his bed in there until around 8am
Gets up and pootles about while we shower, dress etc. Has his first poo in the garden!
10 minute walk about 9am
Sleep and play until 12pm
10 minute walk
Lunch about 12.30pm
Play and sleep and 10 minute training session in afternoon
10 minute walk about 5.30pm
Dinner about 6pm
Crazy time about 8pm!
Last toilets before bed at 10.30pm

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Our day is as follows Alfie is 13 weeks old.

6am hubby lets him out for the loo and he goes back into the crate and sleeps til i get up arund 8ish(it is the summer holidays) as off next week i'll be up the same time as hubby as school is back.
8am brekkie, into the garden for a run around and he likes to lie out there for ages. 9.30 he wakes the kids up with big sloppy kisses and jumps on there

Between 10 and 11 he has 10 mins training and his wee 10 mins walk round the block. Home and he sleeps til 1ish

1pm is lunch, back into the garden and he plays with whatever tys are out there, then he comes in and follows me arund doing whatever i do. Sleeps again, the about 3pm we do a wee bit more training.

5pm he paces at the living room door as he already knows thats time for hubby to come home from work. A bot of rough and tumble play with hubby while i sort dinner. He goes into his crate whilst were my daughter likes to drop pieces of food... :roll:
6pm is dinner time for Alfie, 7pm he goes in the car to the nice park for a wee bit of off leash walking.
9pm he goes to his crate, i take him around 10.30 but he doesn;t always do the loo and thats him tiol next monring.

that can vary though as i do go out without him, and next week his new routine wil come into place as i sometimes help out in the nursery but i know he's fine to be left for over 2 hrs now.

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I'm another one with not much routine really, some days we're busy and some we're not.

6.30ish up for pee and poo and pootle while OH sorts his brekkie.
7am back in crate when OH leaves as I'm still upstairs showering.
7.30 out of crate and brekkie followed by wild hooli play with brother Basil, lasting as long as he's in the mood for.
9/10 ish morning walk usually on her own, sometimes with Basil.
1ish lunch feed
afternoon we might go over the field for a bit of training or we might go run an errand on the high street.
She might have some crate time for a couple of ohurs if i'm out too.
6ish dinner.
7pm sun goes down and Nellie comes alive again and will have another play session in the garden.
9pm she's all done and at 10pm I hav to prod and poke her awake for last wees
10pm she goes in her crate.

Nellie is 'on the go' if that's what me or basil are doing but otherwise she's very content to just lie and rest or will choose a toy from the box and play with that. She's a very easy laidback puppy :)
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