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hi this is the pedigree of my pups pedigree though the names not correct as this is her sisters pedigree sheet. i own the dam so thats bonnies pedigree killaney queen. i couldn't find much on bonnies dam side but know that bonnies sire side goes back to drakeshead. also am i correct in saying that the sire of the pups are 1 strain show and 3 strain working. if you click it it will enlarge.
sire tamilinity duke
max the first
teardrop lass

melody star zane
meath princess
castleville jack
poision ivy

coolehill jade
melodystar centle
lawhouse ceriog
oaklands cocoa gal (no sire or dam recorded for her)
FTCH IR FTCH heatherbank alex of tasco
FTW broadville daemon (IMP)
addlough danny
deep clider

oaklands zombie
the mist
lawhouse ceriog
boothgates headliner
aelwen dark crystal
FTCH haretor mark of drakeshead
malwell kestral
FTCH leacross Rinkals
IR FTCH drakeshead connie
FTCH IRFTCH ulstare oak
Broadbank black maria
FTW glenbay sport
aughadreena Antrim(IKC)

dam side (bonnie)
killaney queen

Monty pass returns
Killaney princess

derryelvin pete
madam rosy
kenzed herb basil
desert burst

portaferry drake
tunawooley princess
summerville greylag
temptest lass
lylehill warron
shangarrilyn miss ruby
ben o'boirche
desert star

IR FTCH wildshot dan
IR FTCH broadway kay
FTCH IR FTCH Drumnahoe shot
tunawooley girl
sunnyhill alas
whisper spring
cent of spring
spireveiw jane
solitary man
zara lady tam
bubbles of gold
FTW shangarrilyn connie
arnie of glenvale farm
irelands polly
wellingtons luke
happy sue

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No relations to any of mine but your dog is more from working lines, mine are all from show lines apart from Twix :D

Sorry I hope you did not think I was being cheeky, I just wanted you to get the answers :?

Oh sorry and welcome to LF :D

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Indy (my pup), Ozzy (Char3101) and Basil (belongs to Sarah, username Basil) all share Haretor Mark of Drakeshead as a Gt Gt Gt Grandad. Ozzy also shares Boothgates Headliner and Indy has a Boothgates.
Indy is mainly from working lines.

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Woo Hoo....Mojo is related through IR FTCH Wild Shot Dan. I have never found any other dog related to Mojo through him :lol: .
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