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I have been doing some interesting reading, about a common blood disorder, which can affect many purebred dogs - called von Willebrand's disease. (It is apparently mainly seen in dobermans)

This is an inherited bleeding disorder, which can be passed by one or both parents, and is characterised by a variable lack of blood clotting.

If you are at all concerned, your vet can perform a test on your lab for the level of vWD factor in your labs blood.

My research advises that it is a good idea to have your labrador checked before a spaying or neutering operation. Dogs with less than a 30% clotting factor may have gone undetected until a spaying, and then uncontrollable bleeding occurs or the formation of hematomas.

A useful link:'s%20disease.htm

As a matter of interest, has anyone had a labrador with this problem?
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