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Hi there,

As some of you know, we are picking up our pup in six weeks (fingers crossed) :) . He will be around nine weeks when we get him and due for his first batch of vaccinations. I know the second batch will be due around twelve weeks and he can't be fully socialised until a week or so after that.

However, I want to know if I can safely socialise him with my parents' three dogs (all fully vaccinated) without risk. I have read in my Lab guide that 'safe' socialisation is OK (some vets run puppy classes pre-vaccination). Also, logic dictates that as a lot of pups go to a home where there is already an older dog, this should be OK. Would it be alright for us to take the pup to my parents as well as them bringing dog to us - no other dogs have access to their smallholding? As we walk with them most weekends it is really important that the older dogs get used to pup asap (obviously he won't be doing the long walks until he's older!).

Any advice appreciated,

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