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Hi Everyone,

We have now selected a venue for our 'Get Together' and i will let you know as soon as we receive the final confirmation next week. :D

Have to say i am getting excited now...... 8)

Anyway, i am now organising the activities that will go ahead on the day, and i wanted to ask you all what you would prefer re: the sponsored walk.

We have decided to organise a sponsored walk, (for Cancer Research & The Guide Dogs Org) and i would like your preferences as to how far the walk should be.

Would you prefer the walk to be 3km or 5km?

Just taking into consideration that some of you may have younger Labs, and i don't want them to feel all walked out or do too much on the day.

I have attached a poll, so if you can please tick the box you would prefer, and we will go from there.

We will soon be looking for a 'Get Togther' team of volunteers, to help organise the event & maybe help out a little on the day. If you feel you can spare some time, please let me know and i will add your name to the 'team'.

Many thanksd everyone, i will let you know the venue & date very soon.... :D

Have a great weekend!

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