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Hi there we are new to the site and have a black lab called Murphy he is nearly a year old and have done a fair amount of training with him,and he is really willing to learn.
I would like to train him to the gun but have no real experience but want to learn.
I have been out clay shooting with him and he is not gun shy at all.
Does anyone have any ideas as to where i should be looking at for places i could go with him to train him as i realy want to be involved.He responds to the whistle for basic commands.
We are living in Newcastle upon Tyne and i hear this is a good shooting area.
Any help really appreciated.

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Hi there
I’m down South, and am a member of URC. They do have a Northern Branch, but don’t know how far from you that is.
I’ve listed a few below so I would give them a call and see where they train. A lot of clubs here stop training once the shooting season starts and don’t start up again till the spring – not sure if it’s the same where you are.
Hope you find something – let us know how you get on.

Northern Counties Gundog Club
Mrs L McBeth,
Tyne & Wear
Tel: 0191 4137689

North Riding Gundog Club
Mrs J E Knight,
North Yorkshire,
Tel: 01677 450548

National Gamekeepers' Organisation
PO Box 107
Bishop Auckland
DL14 9YW
Telephone : 01388 665899
Email : [email protected]

Mr P A Smith.
Tel No: 01642 292965

Mrs S M Saunt.
Tel No: 01942 212280

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Hi Murphy, I am a member of the northern URC, Base is Longtown in Cumbria, and Venue is usually Lazonby Estate by permission. It is quite a distance from you, but if you would like the secretarys details, PM me and I will give you her e-mail address, with her permission.
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