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Hi Everyone,

Have you ever stopped and thought about all the areas in which a labrador retriever has served in?

The Labrador has been used in more areas of service to humankind than any other breed.

Here are 11 important areas that the breed has served:

1. Companions for all.

2. Hunting and retrieving for sportsmen.

3. Guides for the blind.

4. Hearing dogs for the deaf.

5. Arson and bomb detection.

6. Drug and substance detection.

7. Watch dogs for businesses and residences.

8. Search and rescue/avalanche and earthquake work.

9. Therapy dogs for hospitals.

10. Cancer detection.

11. Assisting people with disabilities to enjoy greater independence.

It's no wonder our labs are so highly thought of. :wink:


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theyre used as bat dogs in australia and bird dogs to find kiwis in new zealand too for conservation purposes to scent the bats/birds so surveys can be undertaken of the numbers out there.
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