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We have been doing quite alot of training with our puppy recently, and i was wondering if anyone has recommendations on the type of commands we should be training him.

So far, he can do the following:

- Sit
- Lie Down
- Fetch
- Shake A Paw (with alot of coaxing!)
- Stay
- Come

I have heard that using hand signals as well as saying the command is useful also, incase they run of and cannot hear you.

Are there any other commands we should be teaching him?

Any tips on these?

Many Thx

commands for puppies and grown dogs

commands should be short and sharp, ( it is a command, you are not asking your dog to do something,you are commanding it)
these are the basic commands that you should teach your dog, not all on the same day I might add, SIT this is the obvious one and is the basics of all steadyness, STAY is used when you want to move away from your dog to do something your dog should still be where you left him when you return. HEEL is used when you want your dog by your side it can also be used to call your dog in to you,OVER is used when you want your dog to jump a fence or wall, or to cross water, FETCH is used when you want your dog to retrieve some thing to you, after all that is what they are now bred for,HI LOST is used when you have sent your dog out and want him to hunt an area. BACK is used when you want your dog to go out from you and can be used to send your dog out many hundreds of yards (oops metres).
As you can see all of these commands are short, as a dog has very little reasoning powers and to try to tell him what to do as if you are having a conversation with another human will only cloud the issue, short sharp commands and they are to be obeyed at all times, these commannds can be used with hand signals and a whistle at a later date in your dogs training.
if you need any tips ,you only have to ask.

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Hi lost and back are new ones for me - thank you. I used to use "come ere" and "get it" for hi lost.

My 9 week old pup has pretty much learnt sit, touch and "gis five" - shake. touch involves holding out a hand or object and getting her coming to me to touch the hand or object with her nose.

I have used hand signals and liver pills as treats. The command has been introduced after she has got a basic grip on the hand signal.

She is not completly consistent but I have been amazed how quickly she has picked these 3 commands up in such a short space of time.


If your pup is only nine weeks old then you really are rushing things, you should only be learning your dog to come to you at this age by calling its name and getting him to recognize it, at about three months start by making him sit for his meals and waiting untill you tell him to get on, increasing the time you have him wait every few days, do not rush this part of training if you want to end up with a steady dog.
you should start with SITTING, then SIT STAY, then SIT STAY WALK AWAY, then SIT STAY WALK AWAY AND DISAPPEAR all the time building on the command to sit, over the coming months. You should never proceed to the next stage unless it is 100% on what you are doing at that moment in time, if you need any help in how to do these things then you only have to ask. personally I would not be starting these things untill the dog is at least 3 to 4 months old and then only as a game, concentrate on getting the pup to come into you by using his name and forget about every thing else untill later, 10 minutes a day is all it takes to train a dog.
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