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Hi All,
The family and I have just put together four shoe box parcels to send off to the troops in Afghanistan. We also put together a box for the Army's sniffer dogs section. I followed the list of things to put in the box that I found on an earlier post on this website, but I still had room in the box. I then thought what about 'Camrosa Oil'! As you may know it's great for various ills and ideal for dogs working in harsh conditions.

I've contacted Camrosa through their website and asked that anyone ordering their products on behalf of the doghandlers and their dogs to be given a discount. I now await an answer, fingers crossed on that one! :?

Maybe if a few more people also inquired it would do the trick?

I must say that writing out the letters of support was really hardwork and had us all here getting rather teary eyed.

What a lovely thing to do. Can you tell me where I find the information about doing this?

I'd like to do some with my son and OH.


Anita & Rueben
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