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For the past week Zac has had a scabby tail. This has been on and off.

I first noticed it because he was chewing his tail/excessively grooming it.

When I looked couldn't see anything that might be causing it.

When he was still doing it, I checked again and he had a small [pea size] red mark. The following day this had scabed up. He continued to try and nibble it. When told leave he does thankfully.

This seemed to clear, I put some otedex cream on it.

But it has now been going on for over a week. When I look he seems to have scabby bits in his tail. When I move his fur away the fur comes out easily and has left two slight bold patches, not visiable unless you move more of his fur if that makes sense.

I have obviously checked for fleas. Which he doesn't have. I frontlined him 2 days after he first started chewing. I only use flea treatments if they have fleas, not to prevent. They get garlic tablets. But thought it won't do any harm just incase I'm missing anything.

He is in the sea often and before we went out yesterday it was flaky, then when we got back this had gone. But when I checked again his skin was quite pink where he appeared to have chewed.

I am making an appointment for him at the vets today but wanted to hear any thoughts you may have.

Don't want him to have to have a load of tests if it might be something like allergies [food or otherwise] as I know vets aren't always great at suggesting food allergies.

He is on Skinners salmon and rice by the way.

Sorry for length of post.

Have to pop out now briefly to work but will check back before I go to vets.


Have you got any Thornit? If you have, I'd pop some in a plastic bag, then put his tail in it and give it a good swishing about. Ok he'll end up with a grey tail but it might kill off any mites or things lurking in there, plus it should help dry up any raw skin.

It works wonders for itchy feet, so I can't think that an itchy tail would be any different :wink: .

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Thanks guys,

Jules, I have thornit but at work not home. If only I'd thought earlier when I popped in.

He has an appointment at 5.15 today, earliest I could get. I've looked at it now and it isn't red or sore looking, but then when I've looked again other days it has looked sore, but I think that's from him chewing it.

He's due his booster this month anyway so I might as well take him and have them check it out, cause it can't be normal him keep chewing his tail.

It's at the top of his tail near his bum. It's not his anal glands though.

Will report back tonight.


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Well back from the vet and she said it was either fleas or his anal glands.

I told her he had had flea treatment so she said it was probably the other then.

I said as they weren't swollen or stinky was that likely. She said it might be the start of it.

So she expressed his anal glands and said they were quite full, but from what I saw on the cotton wool it didn't look that much.

Surely if any dog has a finger or two poked in their bum they will express something. 8O 8O

Also had an injection of antibiotics [£3 something] anal glands £12 something

When I got back my mum said "you could have done that"

But when I do express dogs anal glands at work they are usually at the stage where they are swollen so even gentle pressure either side releases them.

Pleased though cause he was so good. I held his head and had a hand on his tum to keep him standing and he didn't flinch.

Vet said "isn't he good"

Then I said are you gonna get weighed and he jumped on the scales and parked his bum.

She said " I wish all dogs were like him"

So glad it was nothing nasty and proud of my boy. :D
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