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We've had our puppy for 2 weeks. He lived outside before we got him.

From about day 3 of having him we had been taking him for a walk for about 25 mins in the morning and before bed, with a shorter one during lunch. This routine really helped him sleep in the day (previously he was anxious and paced a lot and playing didn't seem to help). Those 3 walks really regulated his bowel movements meaning we didn't have to watch him like a hawk (we have 2 young kids we are now homeschooling so we have a hectic day at the moment).

Our dog trainer said we're giving him too much exercise, so we have reduced it to the rule of thumb of age/time. However, since doing that he's a bit more skittish in the house during the day, less restful and his bowel movements are all over the place! We play with him a lot, we train him the garden and give him kong toys, but it really does seem like those 3 walks were doing him good.

I totally get we need to protect his legs and joints, especially as he's a lab and especially as he's a baby, but I wondered if 7 months was old enough to increase his walks a bit or not really?

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