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Hi forum we've got a lovely little 10 week old lab bitch and shes doing well with "sit" "paw" "lie down" "drop it" and toilet training is getting better by the day. Our main worry is the biting, when she gets tired she seems to nip and quite hard at times. I've read a lot about it and we are shouting "ow!" when she does it and leaving the room for 10/20 secs but she doesn't always pay much attention. Is there anything else we can do? How long does it normally take to stop?

Rueben was like this at that age too! I'm sure everyone will tell you its a phase lab puppies go through!!

I can't remember exactly when he stopped, somewhere around 4-5 months I think. It seems never ending at the time, then one day you realise its stopped!! There is a sticky on here somewhere about puppy biting (think its something like 'lab puppies do bite a lot') and thats definitely worth a read.

Rueben is our first pupster so don't have any sound advice really but I'm sure a more experienced member will be along with some tips soon!!

Anita & Rueben
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