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Hi everyone,

My 14 week old black lab pup was playing with my friends 9 month old fox red pup and they were playing happily.
Now my puppy is quite boisterous and play got a bit rough, and she got pinned down by the bigger pup a couple of times.
There was never any yelps or anything and tails did not stop wagging.

I picked her up and put her in her crate as she kept trying to play with the other dog who was being rough, as I did not want her to get hurt.

Alas when I went to let her out first thing yesterday she was looking a bit stiff and slightly limping on her front right and is the same today.

Still no yelping or signs of pain while moving and tail still wagging all the time, she just seems a bit 'subdued'

Should I be concerned/take her to a vet? Or am I just being overprotective and over concerned?

Many thanks

Tom (and Nola)
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