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This is more of a random query, I'm asking only because I'm curious! I'm hoping some of the experts (JohnW, Di, Jill etc) might give their 2p from what they know and also from their own experiences :D

Take your typical Lab puppy. As a human baby goes through stages (smiling, rolling over, crawling, walking etc) at what ages does the 'standard' puppy reach each stage?

I know it's a little unfair to generalise, they're all little individuals and of course, do things at a faster or slower rate than others. But at what age would you expect them to take first steps, then be totally steady and co-ordinated, to be able to understand and 'perform' simple commands (such as sit & paw for example), be able to play 'tug' with a littermate or human, make signs that they need to have a pee or a poo (instead of just doing it without warning)....that sort of thing. Is there a 'puppy timeline' I could look at?

Do you also find that in each litter you have ones with specific little personality traits, the bossy one, the greedy one, the clever one, the daft one, the sleepy one?

Thank you.
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