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I was browsing on the net and found this

A Long and funny joke....

One morning, Andy wakes up to find that his dog is lying DEAD on the floor.

He cant quite believe it, so he takes it to the vet. "I'm sorry, Andy- your dog is dead," says the vet. "It can't be!" cries Andy. "I demand a second opinion!" So the vet goes into a back room and comes out with a cat which he puts next to the dead dog and goes "Meeow!" The vet says "That proves your dog is dead." Andy says "No! No! I want another opinion!"
So the vet goes and gets a labrador which also sniffs the dog all over and then writes "Dead" on a piece of paper.

With that, Andy agrees that his dog is dead.

"Right," says the vet," "That will be three hundred and fifty pounds."

"What? Just to tell me my dog's dead?.

"Yes," replies the vet....

"Fifty quid for my diagnosis, two hundred for the Cat Scan and a hundred for the Lab Report."
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