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Murphy has been on wet food and mixer the Tesco puppy food and loves it no problems with poo but he put on too much weight. We reduced the amount but we were pressured by our trainer to get him on dry. Additionally as the breeder weaned him on Winalot meat we were advised to keep him on meat, we tried to change him to complete meals like IAMS or PEDIGREE but he does not like them. Now we have tried again to move him onto complete but his bowls do not like it, could be that he has been on medication for his foot and that is giving him the runs. I have read all the types of food on the forum in rural dorset the Pet shops sell HIlls and I am not to keen as hard to get to. We have to get food from our supermarket and all we hear is horror stories Could anyone recommend a food and where to buy it as I am worried about his number twos CONFUSED penny in west dorset

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Hi Penny

Sorry to hear of your troubles, although i can totally sympathise with you!! My Charlie is 8 months old now and has been on many different diets all of which have been recommended by either our vet or training school, however a lady on here suggested that we try Chappie.

Charlie has always had tummy troubles, he has had tests at the vets which showed nothing, so when Chappie was suggested we gave it a go and overnight his toilet became nice and firm and he as a whole has become a happier dog.

His coat shines beautifully (he is a black lab) his eyes are bright and we get constant compliments on what a lovely shape and size he is so Chappie which is the cheapest food on the market is certainly working for him!! We do mix it with some Pedigree Chum small bite mixer though to make sure that he has some biscuit in his diet.

Maybe its worth trying? A lot of people say that complete dry foods are the best - but I think its what suits the dog best that matters...... :D

Hope that helps..
Sarah & Charlie
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