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Hi Everyone 馃憢

I鈥檓 finding this site so useful so thought it best to sign up and introduce our crazy pup, Bucky.

15 weeks old today.

He鈥檚 brilliant with the basics - crate, toilet training etc. The biting and clothes tugging though, not so great.

I鈥檝e read so many posts suggesting that this will pass which definitely eases my concerns but did anyone find their pooches only chose one person to inflict this behaviour on? I鈥檓 the unlucky one! 馃槶 Blood and tears have been shed and his refusal to let go of clothes when he starts makes me think I鈥檓 doing something wrong with this boy!

Any tips to save my sanity would be much appreciated.

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Look at that face!
Welcome :)

Our Lando took to biting a certain thing more than a person. In our case our expensive natural wood dining table. Took a fair bit of time to teach him that was not appreciated.

Be firm and don't let him, but offer up something he can chew on. A Kong has been the saviour of many household goods and clothes here. He spent hours chewing away at "indestructible" rubber toys.
(we have yet to find one that is actually lab-resistant other than a Kong)

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They are bred to use their mouths, and a lot of people underestimate just how bitey Labrador pups can be. If it gets too much then stop the fun, because any attention he gets he will thrive on, even if that's you telling him off. So for me, any over excited nipping is, pardon the pun, nipped in the bud. You can encourage them to chew on a toy, or, as he'll likely be teething, give him something like a frozen kong, carrot or even just ice cubes to munch on.

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A puppy wants to play, and war games are their natural game. So why do they single out one particular person? Because they think that person is nice, so they want to play, and play in the only way they know. So really, much as you dont want it, it's really a compliment! Your puppy feels happy and confident with you.
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