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Hello folks,

Sorry for the delay in introducing myself!

My name is Donna and I stay with my partner Andy, and our lovely Male Yellow Lab who is 2 1/2 years old, called Sandy. We stay in Aberdeen, Scotland, we also own two guinea pigs with attitude called Hamish and Dougal, who are best buddies with Sandy ;)

We hope to have another Lab in the near future as we know of a chocolate lab in the family who is due to be bred next year, but I want a girly so I can even up the numbers in the house, as the piggies are both boys too!

We got Sandy when he was 5 months old through an ad in the local paper and it turned out that he was in a flat with a woman with about 6 kids who simply could not cope with a hyperactive puppy too!

Anyway.... nice to meet you all, will post more photos of Sandy very soon x
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