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We went for a nice ( Very cold!) walk today. which i think she enjoyed.

She wasn't really sure what to make of the frozen water at first, but once she realised she could break it and still go swimming she was happy! (shivers at thought of how cold the water must have been!)

As soon as we got back and i hopped in the shower to try and thaw out ( i knew i should have worn a coat) my dad decided to take her into the garden to play football :roll: ( despite me saying she had had more than enough exercise for the day) and has now has apparently started limping on her back leg when she running about ( she was fine when she was out with me) :evil:

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I made her get up and have a walk around the garden on her lead and shes walking fine and she has nothing stuck in her paws, so hopefully shes just over done it a bit and will be OK by tomorrow, shes currently fast asleep. Hope its nothing more sinister wrong. :?

This is the same dad that despite her being on a diet because shes over weight keeps slipping her food when we aren't looking and is convinced she is underweight.
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