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My name is Lisa and i have a nine month old chocolate lab called Coco!

When i was 5 years old my mum got me a black lab for my birthday and we grew up together. Her name was Zoe and i admire my mum for being able to control her and my brother who was a year younger and myself.
At the age of 13 she was not having a particularly good life and unfortunatly the best and most humane thing was to put her to sleep.
It was an upsetting time.

After 12 years and being able to provide a secure loving ho,e i decided to get Coco.
I have realised that i know very little about bringing up dogs! (although if i do say so myself i have not made a bad job of my children!)

We are currently enroled in a training course which she thoroughly enjoys but i have a few questions that i will post to the relevent forums. I hope that this site will bring me closer to being a perfect owner, well near enough. A better, greater understanding of my loving, hyper-active companion!!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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