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Our little Terrorist is now 1.2yrs and just LOVES other dogs... We listened to all the advice here about Not getting 2 we didn't - But I do think she is a dog that would benefit from another dog in the house.. .She is a highly intelligent Yellow Beauty - But we have noticed how much she loves being with other dogs - whether on walks or in the Pub. When we walk her she is always on the look out for more dogs to play with and we live in an area where finding them is like Hens Teeth!

I think she is now of an age to have her own Pal. I would like another Female preferably of a similar age as I don't want Bolli to feel she is displaced by an older dog - But not a Puppy as unfair on her and our time - We have a lovely Mucky Dog-friendly home/ Big Enclosed garden, Fabby walks on the local Ex-Golf Course and woods - we don't care about mess or dogs on beds & sofas (lots of covers and lost the will...) We are both Self Employed so OH Works from home and I do 1.5 days a week in London - but he is here. No Kids or cats.

Not bothered about pedigree - Just want a Labby and I am going to beat myself - But I would love another Choccy - I still miss my beautiful Twiggy - there is a stoicism with Chocs that I think would be good for Mrs Princess Pink - Bolli
I Hope there is one out there looking for a forever home.. We are waiting..
Denise & Bolli


1 - 2 of 2 Posts