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Hi all!
We're first time owners, family with 3 kids (ages 7 to 9) and we brought our lovely 9-week pup Zuma home on Saturday. The breeder wanted to wait until after 8 weeks and we were fine with that. She's an amazing puppy and is doing so well I'm asking myself whether I'm missing something. :unsure:
She sleeps outside on the terrace in her crate. She's used to sleeping in the kennel (that was where the breeder kept the pups when they were old enough) and it looks like she likes it quite a lot. She's never even tried to enter the house, but we do spend most of the time on the terrace with her these days.
She's gotten to like her crate, she retreats when the kids are too much - or when the floor next to my feet feels too uncomfortable :LOL: and has no problem going in at night. I went to check on her a couple of times over the night both nights, but there was no whining and when I opened the crate she only came to be petted and fell back to sleep. I'm totally in awe.
And the same goes with her disposals. She only pees and poops on the grass and with long spaces in between pees. Like a couple of hours long during the day and she doesn't pee overnight at all! This is what I totally don't get. I let her our precisely thinking she might need to pee, but for two nights in a row: she went pee between 7 and 9 pm and then nothing over night until 6am - even though I went in twice and opened her crate and waited a while. I tried feeling her cushion in the crate to see if it might be wet as well, but nothing. And when we took her in the car yesterday, she waited until we stopped and got out and then went straight to pee on the grass. Like seriously? How is she this good? I'm not complaining, really, I'm just worried I might be missing something or not paying enough attention. Is it possible for a 9 week pup to be able to do this?

And on an unrelated note - what do you do with dog poop when she does it near the house? I mean, pick it up - obviously - but what to do next? I'm sort of feeling ambiguous about poop bags when not absolutely necessary due to environmental issues, so was thinking of two alternatives - either have one bucket to collect and then take to trash in a bag - or maybe using the toilet? I've now read conflicting advice as to this - some experts say it's the best way (The Scoop on Poop: Facts on How to Dispose of Dog Poop) and some say it might be harmful ( Who do I believe?

Thank you all, this is a long post, but I'm super excited (just like the kids but hiding it better - a bit - I just moved my office to the terrace outside 🙈) and super nervous to not make any starter mistakes.

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