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OMG my dog was amazing today.

When we parked I took her for a walk round the outside of the stadium before it got busy.

We left the car at 2 and waited for the wonderful Wolves lady who was looking after us. We walked to the disabled entrance and met the 7 foot mascots, Wolfie she was fine with but Wendy really was not liked. They were great and stayed still so she could have a sniff.

We then stood at the edge of the pitch and watched Port Vale warm up. She sat and watched and chatted, not barking but looking up at me and chatting.

We then went up to our normal level in the lift and walked along the concourse, went and visited our normal seats so people we know could say hello. Then a trip to the loo.

All the way her behaviour was impeccable, her care of me amazing and her walking so perfect I could have cried with relief.

We then sat on the disabled platform which has a perspex front and for half an hour just watched the stadium fill and the players warm up. Just out luck all the ticket holders turned up today so we were taken to a middle platform at the other end of the stand.

This had a concrete front so Min lay down had her chew and chilled.

I had always known that I would stop at half time, and let Mike go to his normal seat for the second half. I would have left before if Min had shown any signs of stress.

She had fun and was a delight, so very proud.

Crufts on Thursday, so lots of sleeping from now till then.



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I live just outside Wolverhampton and know nothing about football :roll:

BUT, Saturday afternoon I just kept thinking "Up the Baggies"!!! :D, Mandy and Minnie will be OK!!!!:D :D I'm so pleased for both of You!!! :D :D

Many years ago, I worked in a bar that was "football crazy" (they would watch anything :roll: ) and one night I started my shift, picked up the TV remote and changed channels 8O , guess what I put on?? - - - CRUFTS, of course!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: , OK, I switched back, the lads saw the joke and still loved me :wink:

Chel and Dilys xxx
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