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So I'm currently taking it in turns with my dad to stay at my Nan's to look after her dog Jess. Things haven't been smooth at all my aunt's haven't been near the house or offered any help, so whilst my nan is in hospital me and my dad are supposed to look after her house, dog and visit here in hospital. My dad got super angry with one of my aunts the other night, my dad had phoned to see it she had a carpet cleaner as the dog had, had an accident whilst we were at the hospital.

Basically the events of the day:
1) I leave house to go home to shower and see Lilly at 11:05am after letting Jess out.
2) 2pm me and my dad stop at my Nan's to let Jess out again, but she wouldn't go spent 20mins trying to get her to
3) get back to my Nan's house at 7pm, Jess had wee'd in the house
4) tell my dad and ask about carpet cleaner.

5) all kicks off

My dad said that Jess had been left too long which she had, but we can't be watching Jess and visiting my nan, my aunts had wanted us to visit that night s we did. My aunt said we should have walked her, but didn't have time as the hospital is over an hour drive and we had to make visiting hours. So my dad said that it wasn't only me and him basically saying that my aunts could have gone and sat with Jess or walked her because they both knew we weren't there because we were at the hospital.

To which my aunt replied "Emma gets paid for it", and that was it my dad went berserk told her some home truths and hung up. My aunt came to my Nan's and took Jess to see if she would get on ok with her pup and started putting the tears on and basically trash talking my dad. Anyway Jess didn't like Pippa so me and my dad are back to doing every bloody thing again.

Though we have decided that as soon as I can get a job everyone can go screw themselves, and I will no longer be caring for my grandmother. I get about £2.82 per hour for 35 hours a week up until yesterday I had done 49 hours this week so technically unpaid overtime, and my aunts couldn't give a damn! They still haven't been here or offered to help, so when my nan goes in for her hip replacement they can struggle because I hope to hell I have a job and I get one soon because, it's about time I started looking out for my, mam, dad and Lilly!

Anyway enough with the rant,

This is Jess

She is a 10 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Jess was rescued and my nan got her at 11 months old. She got out when a builder left a door open and was knocked over, the driver didn't stop. Unfortunately her leg could not be saved and as such Jess became a tri-paw, but she don't half move around and jump.
Jess is a fantastic dog, and great company for my nan, she is a really great dog, although in her old age she has decided she doesn't like pups too much.
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