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finally got round to putting it up and wondered what relatives he has here

Max AKA Spike mark two

Sire's sides
1. Gosgote Grouse
3. Goscote Chief needahbeh
4. Goscote Ray of hope
7. Tasco Dancing Brave of willowyck FTCH
8.Fieldcrest Honeysuckle
9.Dargdaffin Dynamo FTCH
10.Mistigris Tamarind of Goscote
15.Shinshail Apache FTCH
16.Swinbrook Stonefly
17.Styleside Stubble
18.Keythorpe Brindled Beauty of Fieldcrest
19.Tasco Broom Tip of Carnochway FTCH
20.Dargdaffin Candy
21.Fieldcrest Thorn FTCH
22. Mistigris Mellow Yellow
31.Combe Castle Chilbrook
32.Hollyberry Teal
33. Gallowmill Brig
34. Swinbrool Bumble FTCH
35.Drakeshead Scot of Pechasi FTCH
36. Nandojane of Styleside
37.VeratonViking FTCH
38.keythorpe Suzanna
39.Heatherbank Alex of Tasco FTCH IR FTCH
40. Tasco Yellow Sally
41.Millbuise Dust Lad FTCH
42. Dargdaffin Anna
43.Styleside Stubble
44. Keythorpe Brindled Beauty of Fieldcrest
45.Lawnwoods Figaro of Larkville
46.Mistigriss Willow the Wanderer
47.Duskie of Dargdaffin

Dams side

2.Robinatiptoe marlene
5.Brindlbay Byron
6.Tharnold Sika
11.Haskayne Moss of Glensue FTCH
12.Brindlebay maize FTCH
13.Kentee Robert
14.Kenar amersham Miss
24.Haskayne Rever
25.Osgodby sweep of Saxthorpe
26.Hamford Dixie of Brindlebay FTCH
27.Karozzin Prince
28.Kenine Midnight Bess
29.Grebe of hawkbidge
30.sika of Missesnden
48. Dargdaffin Anna
49.Pocklea Remus FTCH
50.Galleydown Fern
51.Pocklington Ben FTCH
52.Osgodby Mist
53. Greenwood Timothy of Holdgate FTCH
54.Flightline Sian of Hamford
55.Stylesid Stubble
56.Gem of Karrozin
57.Tibea Tosh FTCH
58.Salborough Greener
59.Snipe of Raynton Park
60.Kelvinhead Cavilier
61.Solo of Halkmoor
62.Willow of Halkmoor

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Dargdaffin Dynamo is one of Charlie's Great Grand-sires on his sire's side. :D

So he shares that part of the pedigree and all associated dogs, including Tasco Broom-Tip of Carnochway, Dargdaffin Candy, Dargdaffin Anna etc., and of course the inimitable Pocklea Remus. :D

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