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I wonder if any one has any advice about how to deal with Marley and our 10 year old choc lab Abby getting to know one another as Abby lives with my Mum and Dad five minutes away.

My Mum and Dad had two labs until last year, when Tussell sadly passed away. He was always the leader in the house, but Abby loved him and when he left us she was completely out of sorts for months.

Anyway now she has a little black whirlwind to contend with. During their first meeting she just ran away when ever he came towards her, but now she barks whenever he comes near her, a very high pitched bark with her teeth showing. Marley then joins in and they bark and bark at each other.

Abby has also reverted to puppy behaviour. Today whilst there Marley stole a shoe in the garden and Abby stole the other one and took it indoors. She never steals shoes!

It would be great if they were friends, or at least tolerate each other, any ideas? I do realise it is early days.


Jayne x
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