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Received a PM yesterday to let me know that the slideshow I have as my signature is too big and just wondered if anyone knew how to make it smaller?

I spent all of yesterday afternoon on photobucket trying to make it smaller but just can't figure it out :roll: :oops: I have also noticed there is some text showing underneath my sig (which is part of the html) and not sure how to get rid of that either! I know.... I'm hopeless!!

If anyone knows how to do this I'd be grateful for some advice, if not I'll just go back to having an ordinary picture as my signature.

Thanks in advance,

Anita & Rueben

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It took me several years to work it out too, and I still haven't ventured to make a slide show yet.

There was an edit feature in Photobucket, where I selected the "tiny" size for my avatar and I think "medium" for my sig pic. I haven't had any complaints so far (fingers crossed). I don't know if that is a help, or if you have already wrestled with it that way.
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