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Another great rehoming update for one of our adopted oldies :) This one is for Max, a black Lab, whose rehoming thread was here:

How lovely to see him snuggled up with his new doggie friend :love7:

"Max is settling in well, the first few days he was very loud barking and whining about getting attention, that certainly made the cats flee. Over the last few days he is beginning to settle into the routine, but still has moments of barking when you leave him for a moment. He does sleep through the night and gets on so well with our chocolate lab Bally and does not upset the cats or chase them, although they do worry when he barks.

We let him off on our walk on the second day he was here and he ran off happily with Bally and stayed quite close and came back when called, so we are certainly happy that he does not want to run off and leave us, they certainly look so happy together out in the fields. We are glad have him join our family and he gives us plenty of loving back. Adopting an oldie is just as much joy as getting a youngster, there's plenty of life in Max."

The initial barking was not unexpected as he did it when he first arrived in his foster home too!

We have rehomed quite a few Lab sorts this year and after they all had to wait a while, they all seemed to find their forever homes around the same time too.
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