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Male Labrador Retriever (Age: Adult)
Missing from Taken from our backyard, E1 area, (South East) on Sunday, 20th October 2013

15 Royal Mint Place E1 8LS
CONTACT: 07454589586 or 07462598388

Black nail on front left paw, brown stains on the ears. Microchipped.

Comment on doglost page from earlier this month, says:

'Vincent is still missing, we know he was stolen by two blond women on 20th October. The police closed the case the day after. Please, if you see some blond women with him, let us know. We think he could be in some house around tower hamlets (london), but we're not sure.'

Doglost page:

Doglost poster:

Hope you're home safely, very soon, Vincent!

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