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Hello, new to the forum & new to breeding so please be gentle with me!
I’ve been hovering quietly for the last few months so I will pre-empt a few questions that I may get!
1. I am not breeding for money, I have an absolute fascination with nature and all that encompasses it, I have chosen to breed my beautiful girl as I have family homes lined up & will be in touch with all (potential) pups during their lives. I will not be attempting to make a profit from this experience and neither to I intend to breed her again.
2. All relevant health tests on both my girl & the stud (who is a family friends dog we have known forever is aged 10 and has no health issues) have been completed and all hip/elbow scores etc done! Vets have checked and are happy with both dogs.
3. Pups will not be KC reg’d as they are going to family homes and will not be bred from. Part of the deal is they are all spayed/neutered at the appropriate age!

Having said all of that, as I am a novice I am looking for some experienced opinions.
I haven’t scannned as yet, due to reading mixed reports, she will be seeing the vet in the next week, but in the meantime here is her beautiful tummy! To an inexperienced eye as my own I think she looks to be pregnant as her teats are humongous and she’s developing a little tum!

She is 32 days post last tie!

What do we think?


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