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What have you Labradors enjoyed getting up to this past year? Any resolutions for 2014??

- Enjoyed a bit of gundoggery training
- Got his silver Good Citizen award
- Gave blood to the Pet Blood Bank 3 times!
- Had a pirate birthday party
- DNA test proved he is definitely 100% Labrador
- Runner-up in cutest pet photo competition
- Gate-crashed a bit of Rally O training/competing
- Started agility training again and loves it!
- Learnt to get me to make him tea, to bum-tuck properly, play silly games and carry apples he finds home
- lost the 'Autumn fever' which used to cause deaf/blind running and chasing of nothing in fields/woods!

- Got nasty bits removed from her elbow
- Rested up lots
- Started Rally O training and competing
- appeared in local press twice for helping to find a lost terrier
- rolled in fox poop lots!
- did lots and lots of swimming
- returned to agility with enthusiasm
- got on with 'life as normal' with less need for AI at the end of the year compared to the beginning

They both:
- got Julian'd
- went on jollibobs
- won lots of agility rosettes
- won some Rally O rosettes
- had lots and lots of fun on walks and swims and at pubs with Labrador friends of all varieties
- enjoyed lots of snuggles and cuddles!

And their New Year Resolutions for 2014 are:
Luna - to keep on looning!!

Tucker - to keep on smiling!!


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The absolute high point of the year was competing in the British Flyball Championships in August - our team came 2nd in our division :D

We enjoyed a West Yorkshire get together and also bumped into a few members at Bark in the Park.

The bad bits were kennel cough and Coco deciding that she doesn't want to jump her correct height at flyball which has meant she can't be in the team anymore.

Hopes for 2014...

I hope we can start competing in flyball again - we have a few smaller dogs in training and when they are ready for the ring we can be in a team running over smaller jumps. I've also got a place on a flyball seminar in March which I am really looking forward to.

My dream is to have another dog at some point this year - it remains to be seen whether Coco will think that is a positive thing or not :?

Looking forward to seeing lots of local LF members at shows in the area this summer.

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High point for Lilly,

1) getting Lilly in the first place!
2) going for her first paddle although no swimming yet no where deep enough
3) Lilly learning to give paw and hi-five with gestures only!
4) no destruction of furniture etc!

1) got conjunctivitis
2) found out Lilly gets car sick since getting conjunctivitis

1) make mam get off her butt and loose some weight by walking me!
2) walk the local mountain paths
3) get over car sickness
4) go to the beach

Most of all have FUN!

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Cooper's good and bad for 2013:

1. Like Easter13 said, getting Cooper in the first place!
2. Graduating from puppy school
3. Learning to swim in Hampstead Heath
4. Falling deeply madly in love with balls and playing fetch
5. Going Glamping and on cottage holidays with us
6. Getting access to the sofa and upstairs (that's what he would say!)

1. Leaving me scarred from puppy teething
2. Having a dodgy tummy for a long time
3. Learning to steal food!
4. Destroying dining chairs and rug during puppy teething
5. Developing a strong aversion to the vet's since getting his microchip

Our plans for 2014 are to start running together, give Flyball and Agility a go, go on more holidays together and say bye bye to the furry plums!

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Tarka's highs and lows for 2013

- Being born and us picking her
- Flying all the way to Bermuda and being perky at the end of it
- Being so easy and willing to train
- Getting such a kick from swimming and retrieving balls & sticks
- Doing brilliantly in foundation agility class
- Learning to get along with our 2 grumpy cats
- Starting on raw food and finally putting on weight
- Making some good doggie friends

- Months of a dodgy tum leading to horrible surprises in the crate at night
- Coral cut on paw taking a long time to heal
- Cold tail from have too much of a good time swimming off the dock
- Shark teeth

Hopes for 2014:
Continue to have lots of fun!


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