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Hi all...

I was just wondering how our lil angels :evil: spend their day.... I know some are bositerious and some lazy...but it wud be fun to know their schedules from good morning to good nite.....Lets hear it from our lil ones in their own words

Frodo's Schedule:

5.10 Wake up ( But mom puts me to sleep_
5:45 GET UP ALL ( mom or dad has to get up and take me out )
6:20 back home & play with dad
8:00 Breakfast
8:15-10:30 Zzzzzzzzzzzz
10:30 Out for wee
10:40-2:00 Zzzzzzzzzzzz *******
2:00 Lunch
2:15-2:30 Running around the house playing chase chase
2:30 - 4:00 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
4:00 Out for wee
4:00 -6:00 Fun time at home
6:00 - 7:30 RUnning in the garden
7:30-9:00 wondering who'll give me attention (i'm missing dad)
9:00 Dinner
9:30 Good Nite

***** : i want to play but mom sits on the computer and i have to sleep as i'm bored :(

There you go peepz frodo in his owns words now i wud love to hear from all......

Good Day

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well my typical day goes some thing like this

4.30-5.00am jump on mum and give her a nice wash
5.00-5.30 drag mum downstairs, out 4 a pee and check my territory
5.30-6.00 sit nicely by mum till shes had her coffee thingy
6.00-6.30 BREAKFAST :D and then back to the garden to do what a dogs got to do :oops:
6.30-7.00 first fun of the day! help mum get washed and dressed :lol:
7.00-7.30 bit of footie practice while mum has another coffee thingy
7.30-8.00 WALKIES :D
8.00-12.00 create as much havoc as poss while mums trying to do house work 8O
12.00-2.00 get sat on by mum till ive had a nap :evil:
5.00-6.00 DINNER :D eat mine then try and pinch mums :lol:
6.00-7.00 little nap while mum washes up
7.00-7.30 WALKIES :D
11.30 bed, pillow fight, sleep :lol:


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Good topic Vidhya!

I'll hand this over to Corbie to type! .... :D

My day is usually (this is a weekday routine!):

06:30 - Mum comes and wakes me up as dad gets up for work and lets me out for the toilet.
06.35 - Mum takes my doggy cushion and blankets into their bedroom and I sleep on the floor next to the bed.
08:15 - Put my front paws on mum to see if she's awake.
09:00 - Breakfast and toilet!
09:30 - mum starts up the computer and I settle down on the sofa for the morning!
Mid-morning - we have a play.
13:40 - we watch Neighbours :lol:
Afternoon - snooze on sofa again while mum is on the computer :roll: But sometimes I'll be naughty and then she'll come and play :lol:
17:00 - We go for our walkies sometime between now and 20:00
19:00 - dinner!
22:00 - Bedtime, whether I want to go or not :( :lol:

We are poor labs, all the time our mums spend on the computer :roll: :lol:

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George and Charlie here....

typical day

5:30 - Dad (though he prefers to be called the boss) wakes us up and opens the door for us before he goes to work
5:30 - 6:30 - do our morning 'business' check out the place, eat any left over nibbles
6:30 - 7am - have a nap
7am - Mum (the real boss) wakes us up and lets us come sleep by her bed whilst she gets ready for work. Sometimes if I look at her with sweet eyes she lets us cuddle on the bed but usually we just stretch across the floor whilst she's getting ready.
7:45 - BREAKFAST!!!! Then our goodbye treat when mum leaves for work. She always looks sad to leave us but promises oneday she'll stay home ALL DAY with us FOREVER.
9am - Dad comes home. We have a play with him. He pretends to mum that he isn't fond of but he spends the whole morning walking us and playing!
11am - 1pm. Sleep of course.
1pm - see what Dads making for lunch - he's so messy that we find lots of treats on the floor!
1:30 - 2:30 - Have a loud game of chase. Up the stairs out the door, around the garden and up again.
2:30 - 4pm - more naps
4pm - 5pm - amuse ourselves with Dads work or sneak on the sofa or chew our toys, eat some left over breakfast...
5pm - 6pm - Dads left for work again and we wait for mum.
6pm - MUM MUM excited, cant think, MUM MUM
6:30 - 8pm - If its a sunny day mum takes us to the meadows or Park. If not we play frisbee and then do some tricks or cuddle and watch TV.
8 -9:30pm - nap time.
9:30 - Going in the car to fetch Daddy from the station! Cant wait!
9:40 - DADDY DADDY!!! HE hates the word DADDY but ooooooh so exciting!! He usually brings us treats from work....:)
10pm - Mum wants good night cuddles adn we go to sleep
10:30 - Last business of the day
10:45 - More cuddles from Mum (Dad thinks she is mad)
11pm - Sleep......ah sweet dreams... Goodnight mum, goodnight Dad, goodnight brother..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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