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As you know for the last few years many of the LLR member have helped Labs in urgent need, often at very short notice.

Lab Forums members agreed a month or so ago that Lab Link rescue would become more than just a place to post dogs etc.

We are going to create a fundraising account where members can pay donations to, and where we can deposit the Dog show proceeds.

The Mods and Staff will be the administrators of this.

This money will be made available to any urgent cases where a Lab link rescue is involved, such as emergency kennelling, transport costs and other feasable request.

Lab Link rescue will NOT become a rescue we will be leaving that to YOU.

The pot is small at the moment, but we will regularly update members with what is paid out and what we have in the kitty.

Any questions please ask.

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Great news and well done for getting this off the ground.

Can I just - and I don't mean to sound like I am questioning anyone's judgement - but how and by whom will decisions be made as to what cases receive help? What will be the process? Just interested really.


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