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I found this forum by asking Google about giving Actimel to my Lab. I had know idea I would find somewhere that knew exactly the answer I needed. My Lab is a 3year old (nearly 4) Fox Red. Really active loads of energy, comes from working stock, not good walking on a lead but that's another story. I let him lick my Actimel pot after I have drank it & was getting concerned that it might not be good for him. Thank you so much for putting my mind at rest & the few posts I have looked at so far have been great. I will be following from now on. 馃惥

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Just make sure, if it鈥檚 a sugar free version (not sure if such a thing exists) that it doesn鈥檛 contain a sweetener that is toxic to dogs (xylitol for example).

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You need to be so careful these days, with everything being advertised as "Reduced Sugar" or "Reduced Salt," about what the manufacturers are using as a substitute. As Nicola said, xylitol is one sweetener used and is highly toxic to dogs.
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