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We have a 7 month old labrador and generally it’s going well. She’s great when we’re walking and has good recall, at home she doesn’t jump on me anymore (kids are a different matter) and when it’s just us walking she isn’t jumping much.

But... we sometimes go for a walk with a friend, with or without another dog, and she is a nightmare with my friends, jumping up on them constantly throughout the walk despite attempts to turn their back or ignore her, or ask her to sit. She ignores me when she is jumping on them and often I can’t recall her away from them. She doesn’t jump on strangers walking by, unless we stop to have a chat, it’s really only on my friends but by the end of a walk they are covered in mud and I’m mortified!

Given I’largely managed to stop her jumping on me (unless she’s really excited or scared) I know she gets it but how do I stop her from jumping on my friends?

and if you can tell me how to get her to walk to heel when my kids are walking a few feet in front that would be a bonus!
thank you!
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