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Jasper has excelled himself this morning - how he did I do not know as I was putting the kettle on.
Boys have run of the garden apart from the last 6-8 foot which FIL blocked off 2 weeks after we got pups home. Jasper over the past few days has obviously decided this area is worthy of his nosiness and managed to removed the stakes that hold the fence into the ground. So OH cable ties them to the fence and adds a few more to prevent Jasper from digging underneath. So this morning we let them out after breakfast feeling pretty confident that the back area is safeish - but Jasper has other ideas and jumps the fence. Its about 3 1/2 foot high which isn't huge but we can't go much higher due to our lovely Rhododendron's.
He knew he'd done wrong as I cornered him behind the shed (would he come? Would he heck!) he went all silly and submissive. I didn't say anything to him I just led him out after fighting my way through the gate and bought him inside.
We left gaps either side of the garden for foxes and cats - our neighbours have a soak away gully that our garden drains into so we need that gap left open.

Any suggestions please on stopping him or are we trying to fight a losing battle??

Thank you

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