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Hi everyone. Scooby is one year old and seems to keep getting ingrown hairs beteween his toes. He has allergies and this is what they are putting it down too.

He has had one removed by operation and now seems to have another one. I took him to the vets a couple of weeks ago and they gave me a batch of anti biotics which have seemed to calm the area down.

The area in between the toe becomes very red and inflamed and before i took him to the vets it was bleeding a little. The anti biotics have now finished, the area is so much better but i can still see a little lump, so its only a matter of time before it flairs up again. Fingers crossed it wont.

The vets are now talking about "fusing" the toes together to prevent this from happening again. I think this is a lttle drastic. They currently cut the affected area away and then stitch it back up. This seemed to work last time. Once again I was shocked that this was the remedy.

I'm not happy with Scooby being put under anasthetic so much, lucky we are covered by insurance as the last bill was up around £600.

I really do like our vets and as Scooby does suffer from allergies we seem to be in there every other week for something. I do trust her.

Has anyone ever heard of ingrown hairs between the toes or even experienced it first hand??.

Your experince and advise would be greatfully appreciated.

Jemma our old lab had this!

After 3 operations, god knows how many does of anti inflams and antibiotics we used tea-tree oil, which I'm not sure if it is generally OK to use on dogs, but worked for her!

She hated the taste so it stopped her licking her feet raw and it cleared up. Just re-used when ever allergy re-developed.

Please check its safe to use before you try anything like that though!

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Luna hasn't had any ingrown hairs between her toes but did have a load on her tum area after spay. I'm guessing because they need ops that the hairs are very deep, Luna's were mostly skin deep so I just scratched them out and sprayed with antiseptic spray. I used to do them while she was semi-asleep so that she wasn't interested in cleaning the area afterwards. She seemed to understand that she'd feel better after I'd looked after them and was very good about lying still.

I just wondered if it would be worth squirting some antiseptic spray in between the toes when Scooby is asleep. Then at least if there is any open wounds they are less likely to be infected.

The tea tree idea given above could be helpful!

I hope Scooby doesn't need more ops.

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we used tea-tree oil, which I'm not sure if it is generally OK to use on dogs,
Tea Tree oil is regulaly used in dog shampoos and the like. :) But be aware, just a few dogs are alergic to it! My Beth was for one. (But she'd do anything to be different!!!)

Regards, John
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