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I have a black lab border collie cross castrated male. He is beautiful. Extremely intelligent and very wonderful. High energy, and very friendly usually with humans especially but also with *most* other dogs. Sometimes he has issues. I have been trying to pick up on what makes him tick to stop problems from happening. Most of the time i am succesful. Two things really piss him off.

1. Felony ball theft
2. felony attempted butt humping.

He is usually good with other dogs. I have seen him start it once. Typically though other dogs start it. But once he starts, he just won't stop! I try everything to keep it from escalating. I put the ball away when another dog shows up at the park. I tell the other owners we are fine so long as there is no butt humping (which nearly always we are.) But again, once it starts it is a death battle. All i can do is get in the middle of it and try to pull them apart before they pull eachother apart. He is not vicious and does not go looking for it, he just can't stop once it is started.

So, we had a problem with one dog a couple months ago. I got in the middle of it physically while the other dog's people just stood there. They didn't even call their dog they were pretty evenly matched. By the time i managed to get them off eachother with no help from the owners of the other dog standing 3 feet away doing nothing they both had some minor injuries. Nothing serious. I checked my dog they checked theirs both had a few small scratches and some minor bite marks a little blood. But it was not serious. So we took our dogs home.

Today, my husband ran into them again in the park. Their dog was the agressor in the situation. My dog simply wouldn't stop which is a problem that i need to nip in the butt, all the same their dog ran across the park and attacked mine. But tonight at the park these people had the audacity to threaten my husband and our dog. Thye man in the couple informed my husband his wife had gotten pepper spray and would frrom now on be spraying it int he face of any dog that interacted badly with theirs if it got at all ugly in the slightest. Which i think is ridiculous. When their dog was a problem and they just stood there drooling while the dogs are ina death match, and i am throwing my body in the middle to separate WITHOUT HARMING EITHER DOG, i get no support from them what so ever or assistance but since they later decided a couple days after our dog fight to take their dog to a vet now this woman is going to pepper spray my baby who wasn't even the agressor or instigator of the problem??? Scuse me? If there is a problem i will do what i always do get in there and break it up and hope the other dog owner does their part to separate but not harm either dog.... I am not one of those irresponsible dog owners my dog is not encouraged to fight and he is not allowed to do these bad behaviors. I make every effort to prevent this stuff or to put a quick and simple stop to it no matter who was the instigator. What do i say to these people??? How should i react? Because one part of me wants to say to them "Try it, and you will never rise from off the pavement again!" The other concerns i have are for my safety if this dimwitted bimbo is running about over reacting with pepper spray is,

1. What are the effects of pepper spray on dogs? How perminant could the damage be?

2. As i tend to get in the middle to separate everyone in such situations and if she is ploughing around with pepper spray like that i am sure i am at risk of being hit and then i am in very serious danger if i am between 2 dogs going at it.

I could really use some advice. I am not violent though it does tempt me to just let her spray my dog at this point so i can justify knocking her on her *ss and pounding her into the ground. However, being a non violent person who finds violence abhorrent and only to be used in defense of my dog or my child who is in severe danger i would prefer to find a way to deal with this in some other more adult way. Any suuggestions?

1. How to get my dog to stop
2. How to get that woman to not spray my dog ever
3. How to discuuss this with her and what to say.
4. And anything else that needs adressing.

Please help me, not for me but for the sake of both dogs involved and most especially my dog who if sprayed int he face with pepper spray while fighting her dog, will be then helpless at that point to defend himself as her dog is always the agressor atleast thus far. He goes to the park because usually he is good. He has some buddies there he plays with. He does his business there etc.... We are not cruel people who fight dogs or train them to fight we try very hard to teach him not to do that. For the most part we have done a fairly good job. Still now and then we have these problems.
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