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As the title poor little man! He's not having a good time of it this week - he was really poorly on Friday as well and I even phoned the emergency vet for advice on that because he was being sick and I just had visions of my sisters dog that was sick like that before she died. As you can imagine I freaked out and made my hubby come home from work. He slept pretty much all day on Friday and was fine by the evening.

Today he's not stopped playing all day long with Saffy, my parents lab and my sisters lab.

Tonight when he got up from his 5 minutes of resting he was limping. I checked his paws and felt his leg and shoulder and he seemed okay. He's been limping off and on since. It's when he gets up from lying down he limps for a few minutes then is fine.

I'm hoping it's nothing serious and he's just pulled something from playing too much (at home they play a lot, but they've just not stopped at all today other than the odd 5 minutes here and there - at home they have a few bursts throughout the day and then have a sleep after playing)! Tomorrow they will be catching up on sleep all day I'm sure! I've already decided we're not going on our planned trip to the park because both of them are shattered and now with Humphrey's limp, I think I'll make him rest a few days so he doesn't do any more damage!

My sisters lab....she just does not stop playing! From 11am (when we arrived) right up until 3am when we set off home she just played constantly! As soon as one of mine went off to have a lie down she was straight over diving on them and waking them up, which made my two all excited again! We separated them a few times, but as soon as we got in the car to go home my two were fast asleep :)

They both LOVED opening presents though! They were spoilt with 18 presents each! I'll be putting some away and bringing them out as toys get ruined!

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!
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