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How To Add Photos Of Your Labrador To The Galleries

- Click on 'Labrador Photos' which can be found on the menu on the left hand side of the home page, under the title 'Lab Community'.

- Decide which album you want to add the photos to, i.e. black labrador photos, and click on the heading for that album, i.e. black labrador photos.

- In the top right hand corner, you will now see a drop down menu entitled 'album actions'

- Click on the arrow on the drop down menu, and decide if it's one photo you would like to add to the whole gallery, or whether you would like to create your own album within the that chosen gallery.

a) If you want to add photos (not a new sub album) click on 'add photos'

A box will appear with a 'file' and a 'caption' on the left, and a 'browse' button on the right.

Click on the browse button, and find the photo you wish to upload from your computer/source.

The link will automatically transfer into the 'file' box. Underneath this, give the photo a caption. i.e. the name of your lab.

You can upload up to 5 photos at a time.

Once you are happy with all the photos you want to upload, and the info is in place, click on 'upload' which can be found at the bottom of the box.

Make sure you give your computer plenty of time to upload the photos, you must be patient. :)

You will know if the photos have been successfully uploaded as a message with appear on the screen to tell you so, you can then click the 'dismiss' and the page will reload with all your new photos.

b) If you want to add a album for your lab, once you have chosen the gallery, i.e. black labs. Click on the drop down menu, where it says 'album actions.'

Click on the option 'new nested album'

A new page will come up, saying 'Untitled' on the left, and 'hey add some photos' in the middle.

Click on the 'album actions' drop down menu once again.

You need to name your new nested album, so click on 'properties'

The first line, states 'Album title'. At the moment it reads untitled, so replace the untitled with the name of your choice. I.E. Bradley the black lab.

Scroll down all the way to the bottom, without changing any other info on that page, and click 'apply'

The page will now reload with your new album, all named.

Now you must click on the drop down menu again, this time selecting 'rename album'

A box will appear reading i.e. album09

Enter the name of your album in that box, but with no spaces.

Click on 'rename'

Now follow the instructions to part A, where you can upload photos to this new album you have created.

Please make sure the photos you are uploading are below 800 X 600 pixels.

If your page reloads with only half a photo uploaded, or a grey background then you haven't given the photos enough time to upload.
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