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Hi all, Betty is almost 7 months, cant remember what life was like without her, wait, oh yes I can, my garden was green (now pee stained and full of little holes) my carpet was cream, now cream with a dusting of black hair, my shoes were always together, now they are scattered around the house! (You get the jist) however, we are totally in love with Betty and wouldn't be without her, which is my dilemma! I have not yet left Betty home alone! (I know, I am filled with regret)
We are very lucky as my husband works nights so theres not been a need to leave her home alone. We would though like to go out on the occasion without the dog so would appreciate some tips!
At night she is crated, so is used to being in there no problem.
Heres an updated pic too 馃檪 hope you are all well x


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Get a kong toy filled with treats, pop her in her crate and leave her for a short while, and build on that. I have a 13 week old pup I do this with regularly and she's fine being crated when I go out. She runs to her crate as she knows it's treat time. I use pilchards in tomato sauce stuffed into a kong toy mostly, she LOVES it.

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You need to start doing this otherwise potentially (stress potentially) you may have separation anxiety issues ahead

Key is making no fuss and building up to it.
We always leave the radio on when we go out even though Judy nearly 11 and Coops over 2
Never make a fuss going out or coming in 鈥 needs to be the most natural thing in the world

Good luck

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As I always say about puppies, "Everything is a training opportunity."

I start literally the day the pup walks in the door. The time I leave the pup for is the time it takes me to walk out the front door, round the house and back in the back door. Puppy barely realises it's been left.

After a couple of days of this, (probably doing it 3 times a day,) I'll leave the pup indoors while I walk round the lawn on "Poo Patrol" so probably 4 or 5 minutes. After this for possibly 3 days, three times a day, I progress a little longer.

This time it's a walk to my corner shop. Just a quick shop and back home, no stopping to chat on the way. But after a few times of that if I meet a neighbour or friend I'll probably stop for a quick chat, so we have now progressed from 15 to 20 seconds to probably 20 minutes.

So the next step is a trip to the supermarket. Mine is only about 10 minutes from my door, so with a quick shop, 10 minute going, 10 minutes there and 10 minutes coming home, that's 30 minutes away. And so I build up. Each time a little longer than last.

Don't make a big thing about going, or coming home. It should all be as low key as possible, all "normal" and your pup will accept it as normal. I never want my pup to start to think she's been left. By 60 months old I was having medical problems and having to spend whole days in hospital. My neighbour was very good, and was popping in two or three times during the day. Not an ideal situation, but Chloe survived with no complexes! (Which probably says more about her than my training!!

John :)
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