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Hi all

You guys have got such a great community here. My name is Tom and I have been registered on here a little while, reading lots and lots whilst anxiously preparing for the arrival of our pup

We have always had Labradors in the family but this my wife and I, first own Lab

His name is Perry and he has come from a highly recommended working dog breeder local to me. I was looking for a smaller dog and just couldn't push myself to go for anything but a Labrador, in my eyes they are perfect and so we went to this breeder as his Labs tend to be a lot smaller and slender. My parents labs have always been around 40kg when fully grown which initially would be a bit of a monster for my wife!

He is 14 weeks and is just under 9kg, just about house trained, he asks to go out, we just get the odd wee at night time, he isn't in a crate and is sleeping through just in his basket. We are very proud of him

I will stop blabbering now, we are just so in love with him, all we talk about is Perry, walks, wees and poos! It is great!

I look forward to learning more and sharing experiences on the forum

Here is a picture

Tom, Helen and Perry

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