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Belle, Rebekka Two Chocolate labs
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HI my name is JIM and I'm the new guy here from Green bay WI. I have owned to date 5 chocolate labs and currently have Two living with me now.

BELLE - English 8 years old
Hands down the best dog one would ever want and has destroyed an old vintage doll 5 years ago and doesn't like venison

REBEKKA TAZ MANIAN DEVIL- American 1.5 years old
Very high energy and smart with ADHD x10. She has destroyed and ate everything including the kitchen sink. This dog will box you with her hands.

My goal for joining was to get information on REBEKKA and AKC certification due to buying from the Amish she has paperwork with American Kennel Club or pet registry.


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Hi Jim and welcome to the forum, it is a UK based forum mainly, so we're not that knowledgeable about the AKC stuff, although John may know a bit more. We don't use (or understand) the US terminology for English and US Labradors, mainly because we view it as topsy turvy, the heaviest show bred Labradors are actually in the US, our show bred Labradors are very moderate by comparison, and we refer to working (or as you call them American Labradors) as just working, or field trialling lines.

One thing I will say is I've not heard very good things I'm afraid about the Amish and breeding dogs, there have been a few articles reach the UK shores about them having puppy mills (we call them puppy farmers).

As far as I'm aware if they aren't registered with the AKC at birth I don't think you can register them, which is similar to our system. We do have something called the unverified dog registration route, which is where you buy what is essentially a pedigree without KC paperwork, and you then go through lots of checks to verify your dog is what you say it is and it can then be given a KC registration, but as I understand it, this has a mark against it for a number of generations to ensure that they breed to type. The only person I know of who has gone through this, bought an unregistered English Springer Spaniel and wanted to field trial, but wasn't aware that you can only enter KC trials with a KC registered dog. It is a lot more expensive than buying in a puppy that is KC registered, although I'm not sure if that's still the case since prices of pups have gone through the roof since we had the Covid-19 pandemic.
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