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I'd like you all to get to know me and my lab boy Arco: Arco is 7 years old now and a retired SAR dog. I am 22 and a student at Innsbruck University ( going to be a teacher in the future :p )
Arco is a great boy and loves to work if you know how to work with him. (he's been mistreated with to harsh methods and we now work with positiv reinforcement only)
He passed several tests, including disaster and area mission ready tests as well as obedience tests. We were asked to compete in obedience on the national level but I neither had time nor nerves for that. :)
Arco is retired from SAR work now but is still very fit and loves to go hicking in the Alps with me. We do longer walks as well as short ones and he loves it.

All in all, we are very outdoor-oriented, do some agility and tracking next to our hiking and would love to exchange ideas with you

I uploaded some pics of Arco hiking to the album "Labs on their favorite walks".

Edith and Arco
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