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Well, we collected our black lab (Milo) yesterday and had a fun filled day settling him into our home. The only problem we had was at night. we put him into his crate to go to bed, but he screamed the house down - we tried to ignore him but he sounded really distressed. so we let him out and he settled really quickly on his bed (which sits next to the crate) and didn't hear another peep ll night until about 7am this morning. Although we were greeted this morning with a kitchen full of wees and poos!!!!

So all in all a good night I think. He is currently snuggled up with a big teddy snoring away! He still has 'accidents' in the kitchen - mainly wees even though I have been taking him into the garden every hour or so for a wee.
Ill try to get some pics on as soon as I get a moments peace!!!

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