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Hi there

could any of you lablovers give me some advise on how to keep a 11 wk old puppy still and quiet!

poor Beth has a fractured tibia. she had an accident in the garden on Sunday. took my eyes of her for a few seconds. She was playing with Neo, so i don't know if he bold her over, trod on her or she knocked her self on the step. Beth is the one that needs to know she has a brocken leg! The vet will not give her any more pain killers, she says that if Beths leg hurts she will not use it. Try telling Beth that. I feel so sorry for her as she is to have cage rest for 2 weeks.

Murphy was rougly the same age when he had his foot broken, hard to keep a puppy quiet, lots of filled kongs and bones, mental exercises and we used to carry Murphy everywhere, trips in the car, we used to searching in the front room even though he limped he liked rolling on his belly looking for the treats. Someone reccomended an alternative therapy to aid healing from Ainsworth, I got achinea

Good luck Penny
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